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Please note that Village Antiques cannot provide estimations or valuations of items in your personal collection. We receive hundreds of requests for valuations, and as this is not our line of work, we regret that we cannot answer them.

However, If you are looking for a valuation, we've created a page to help you get started.
Here are our
basic pointers on how you can begin to estimate the value of your antiques or fine art.


For all other queries, including questions about the pricing of items for sale on this website, we invite you to use the contact form below.

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Village Antiques will respond quickly to queries about prices of items currently sale on our website, but to protect the privacy of buyers, we do not respond to queries about items which have already been sold. If you do not receive a response, please double check your junk mail filter or write to us again (sometimes spam filters get in the way of our communications!)