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Fabulous Handcolored Botanical Engravings
from Bertuch's Picture Book for Children
Published in Weimar 1790 to 1830
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The Picture Book for Children was published around from 1790 to 1830 in Weimar, Germany and was illustrated by Jacob Xaver Schmuzer.

Dimensions: Around 7.5 X 9.5 inches
Some light browning. The sheets have been cut to just outside the edge of the platemark.

This Picutre Book for Children was recently described in a "Book of the Month" article by the library of the German Museum (Deutsches Museum) in Munich. Link to Deutsches Museum article in German German which shows a similar illustration.

Beschreibung von Bertuchs Kinderbuch auf Deutsch

About J. F. Bertuch
A Friend of Goethe's and Extraordinary Early Entrepreneur in 18th Century Weimar

Johann Friedrich Justin Bertuch was born on September 30, 1747 in Weimar which at the time was a tiny residential town of around 6000 inhabitants. When Johann Wolfgang von Goethe came to Weimar in 1774, he and Bertuch became acquainted and got on well enought that they used the familiar "du" form of address with one another.

Bertuch was an entrepreneurial sort, but also very interested in education. In 1776, Bertuch founded a drawing school, and in 1780 he founded a factory for artificial flowers in order to give "unfortunate unemployed girls of the middle class a wholesome occupation." One of those girls -- Christiane Vulpius, later became Goethe's wife. Later the Bertuch expanded into publishing, including a fashinon magazine, the Journal of luxury and fashion (Journal des Luxus und der Moden) that was meant to introduce the locals to foreign fashion trends. He also initiated an "Industrie Comptoir" which was intended as a trading house to give local manufacturers, artists and handwokers a place to show their wares. Eventually Bertuch became the largest employer in Weimar.

Bertuch's publishing house became one of the largest in Germany. In the course of his life he published some 2000 works, including books and magazines. His largest project was the "Bilderbuch fuer Kinder" which he began in 1790. He wrote "A Picture book is as essential a funishing for a child's room as is the cradle, the doll or the rocking horse."

In the forward of his book Bertuch wrote that the drawings must be "well and truly drawn ... because nothing is more important than that right from the beginning the eye of the child becomes accustomed to an accurate depiction of things."


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