Collection: Matthaeus Merian the Elder

Matthaeus Merian the Elder

(Mattheaus Merian d. Ä. - 1593-1650)

Matthaeus Merian, the son of a saw mill owner and city councilor, on September 22, 1593 in Basel.

He started his artistic life as a glas painter, but in Zurich he met the engraver Dietrich Meyer, who taught him the art of making copperplate prints. He married the daughter of the publisher Theodor de Bry, whose Frankfurt publishing house he later inherited. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, but particularly between the publishing centers of the Netherlands, Frankfurt and Basel. Major works published by Merian's publishing house include the

His major works include the "Merian Bibel" (1630), Johann Ludwig Gottfried's "Weltchronik" abd "Theatrum Europaeum" (1629-34). His masterpiece was the Topographia Germaniae" published around 1640-1645.

Avignon - Civitatis Avenioneis - 1635 - SOLD


Pierre Pertuis - Circa 1650

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